Saturday, February 11, 2012

Goodwill Exchange for Change: Pure Awesomeness.

Anyone who knows me knows how cheap I am.  How super mega cheap I am.  And how, strangely, I've developed a love and appreciation of fashion while remaining cheap.

And you probably know by now that I'm a ridiculously huge Project Runway fan. And since he's a Denver guy who makes amazing stuff (that I'm not sure I could ever wear), I'm a Mondo fan.

So imagine my glee and joyful delight when I learned last year that Mondo was teaming up with Goodwill to do a fashion show and appearance and clothing exchange!  Yet I missed it:  Elsa was so young and I wasn't ready to leave her yet.  But this year, I was in.  And so was Lilly, the 2nd biggest Project Runway fan in this house.  The tickets were more expensive this year - $25 instead of $10.

Still - it was fun.  Parking wasn't terrible - we walked about a block from our spot to stand in line on a red carpet.  Checkin took awhile, but that's OK. We dumped our bags of donated goods (10 items per person for the exchange). Inside was a nice atmosphere - appetizers, a cash bar, a large runway, and some booths selling various items.  There was a cool photo booth there as well - with all sorts of props for folks to use to create a fun and memorable picture.

But nothing compares to this one:
"And what is your favorite color?"
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