Sunday, January 6, 2013

I've let myself go. . .

It happens to all of us - we peer into the mirror and see a person that resembles the person we think we are - but is covered in schlumpy clothing or frazzled hair or what have you.

Right now, that person is me.

But it's not the mirror I'm looking at - it's my writing life. I've let myself go as a writer - and now is the time to  reclaim that writing life of my youth.  My youngest is two - this means that there's no reason I can't commit to early morning reading and writing and recapture that poet I once was.

And the blogger I once was.

You are all welcome to prod me along the way with reminders and queries.

As a first step back into the game, I'm going to spend a portion of time each morning reading - and another portion writing new work.  In a few weeks I'll add revisions to the mix as well and I hope, by the end of the year, to have a larger goal or get back into that fun futile exercise of submissions and rejections.

Wish me luck!
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