Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I have just a moment.

There is a two and a half year old hanging off my arm and screaming at the top of her lungs.  Summers are . . . long.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hidden. . . and not so hidden. . . treasures.

My father is an artist.  I grew to the smell of paints and drying canvasses and still reminisce with joy when I get a deep sniff of wet clay.  He was an art teacher for several years, and while he never said it to me in my childhood - it was always clear.  Art is everywhere. 

When we moved to our neighborhood several years ago, I was struck by the high number of public art projects I saw dotting our routine landscape.  Just a few weeks ago, I found a map from our local Park & Rec center and decided to take the family out and try to find them all.  First, it gives us something to do and fills our days which - as any stay at home parent knows of the summer - can sometimes be difficult.  Second, it takes us to neighborhoods we haven't necessarily seen before.  Most importantly though, it's gotten everyone in the habit of looking - for - and AT - the art and we're learning fascinating things.  The scuplture above, for example, just looks like boots from the street, but contains this sweet little surprise behind it.  Another sculpture at a park we frequent moves, rotates, and dances with the wind - something we've never before noticed.
Now they're finding art wherever we go.  That is the two youngest.  The older child peers up over the spine of her latest Harry Potter (don't ask which one, there's a new one every few days), raises an eyebrow, and says "Oh, yeah, great" in her best teenager sass. But they're looking - and we're hiking and exploring - and grateful to live in a neighborhood that supports such things!  Once we've finished this list, we'll move on to a larger one that represents the metropolitan area nearby. It's definitely a great way to spend some time together - even if my eldest doesn't yet appreciate it.
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