Monday, December 10, 2012

:Hanging head and begging forgiveness:

I have no excuses, friends.

I mean, yeah, I'm parenting three children.  But a lot of people in this world parent and still write.  And I'm teaching two classes - but people teach and write always.

So, yeah.

Please forgive me.  I'll come up with something amazing soon.  In the meantime, please accept this tidbit from Carter who will either grow up to be an atheist or a preacher:

Carter: So mom, how did Jesus die? 
Me: Dude. You know this. What's the Easter story? 
Carter: Yeah, yeah, cross, spear blah blah blah. I mean after that. How did he die after that?
Me: Well, remember in the creed we say he ascended into heaven to be with God? 
Carter: (lowering gaze) I prefer to think of him as an old man. 
Me: That's cool dude, I'm just saying what the church says. 
Carter: Yes. I think he was an old man who died in his sleep. And had a cane. Canes are cool. The church can say what they want. They're church. I vote old age.
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