Thursday, April 8, 2010

I know it's not healthy, but

homemade Wendy's dinner is better than purchased Wendy's dinner, right?

This afternoon, I had the overwhelming craving for a chocolate milk shake. I suggested we go to dinner at Wendy's, though as soon as the thought crossed my lips, I had visions of super processed gunk and goo being extruded into small nugget-like forms, and triple fried french fries covered in salt. Ok, I realize it still sounds a little good.

But WE decided to be good, so I sent Mr. off to the store for ice cream, malt powder (because what's better than a Frosty? A malt), and pulled out some chicken breasts and potatoes. I used my *squeaky shiny new mandoline* to make instant french fry cut potatoes, tossed them in olive oil, Pikes Peak seasoning from Savory, some extra salt and pepper, a smidge of garlic, and tossed them in a pan to make baked fries. Then I cut the chicken into strips and dredged with flour, Hickory (from Savory), garlic, salt, and pepper.

All are in the oven now. It's taking everything I have to delay the milkshakes until after dinner. After all, if we were at Wendy's, we'd be eating our Frosty's now, right?



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